Briquetting press machines with screwing procedure
for the production of Pini & Kay briquettes

  • Briquette press machine Woodexpert SB-40, Woodexpert SB-50

    WE SB-50
    WE SB-80

  • Briquette press machine Woodexpert SB-60, Woodexpert SB-70, Woodexpert SB-80

    WE SB-70
    WE SB-80
    WE SB-37




Product description

Product description

By using the screwing procedure in Woodexpert briquetting presses a continuous high output at low prime costs is guaranteed in contrast to hydraulic briquetting presses. In hydraulic procedures of pressure the pressure ((from 300 to 400 bar) is generated by a pressure cylinder which performs construction-conditioned no pressing on the way back.
In  a briquetting press using the screwing procedure this task is performed by a screw which does not require a return.
During briquetting the source material gets strongly compressed and heated, whereby the lignin contained in the base material is released and assumes the function of an adhesive that holds the briquettes together. This process leads to high energy density and thus connected to high fuel homogeneity and to generally significantly improved fuel properties.
The pressure that the screw generates is up to 800 bar. A temperature of about 300 ° C. is generated in the mold tube by the heating rings. On the surface of the briquettes, a very smooth black-brown carbonized layer is formed due to the high temperatures and the high pressure.
The produced briquettes can be stored, stacked and transported.
2 kg wood briquettes correspond to the calorific value of about 1 liter of oil (varies depending on the used base material).

The form of the briquettes is dependent upon the used mold.


Suitable materials

wood materials
wood shavings
forest waste

agricultural materials
dried grass (hay)
waste of sunflowers
waste from olive
and many other

The used base material should have a moisture content of maximum 15%.
At higher moisture content it must be dried.

Very suitable are sawdust and shavings with a maximum size of 2x5 mm.
Materials with larger parts must be crushed with a hammer mill.

Shipping time: about 2 months






WE SB-50

WE SB-60WE SB-70WE SB-80WE SB-37
Maximal power19.5 KW23 KW23 KW26,5 KW43 KW
Motor15 KW18.5 KW18.5 KW22 KW37 KW
Heater4.5 KW4.5 KW4.5 KW4.5 KW6.0 KW
Capacity120 - 180 kg/h200 - 250 kg/h300 - 350 kg/h350 - 380 kg/h450 - 500 kg/h
External dimensions1.62 x 0.65 x 1.25m1.75 x 0.85 x 1.36 m1.75 x 0.85 x 1.36 m1.75 x 0.85 x 1.36 m1.75 x 0.85 x 1.36 m
Weight600 kg660 kg800 kg840 kg1.000 kg
Inner diameter mold tube (sexangular)40 mm (recommended)
maximum 50 mm
40 mm or
50 mm (recommended)
maximum 60 mm
50 mm or
60 mm (recommended)
maximum 70 mm
50 mm or
60 mm (recommended)
maximum 80 mm
60 mm
Inner diameter rectangular mold tube
(extra charge)
50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm--

Spare parts, accessories

Wear parts

Wear parts for briquetting



1 set of wearing parts
1 screw
1 moulder
1 inner sleeve
1 taper sleeve
3 heater rings)
Net prices excl. shipping:
EUR 540,00
EUR 640,00
EUR 690,00
EUR 730,00

A set has a life of approximately 4-6 months at a daily use of 10 hours.


Detail photos


Used briquetting presses

Used briquetting presses


Currently we have no used briquetting presses in stock.

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